Kid Fourteen - Blood-thick Silence

Kid Fourteen - Blood-thick Silence


Driven by pulsing drum machines akin to Suicide, Blood-thick Silence uses sparse, carefully placed synth and guitar lines to augment tortured vocal bursts. It's impossible not to hear the influences of his friends Xiu Xiu and Dirty Beaches in the aural and emotional makeup of the record.

“I met Kid Fourteen at a show we played together in Lebanon. It destroyed me. The music was so remarkably intense it turned the air to red light. Blood-thick Silence, by some miracle, is even better than that night. I have no idea how this is possible.”
Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

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Track listing:

1. Blood-thick Silence
2. Ice in my Eyes
3. Death like Dancing
4. Latifa
5. Sun
6. Can You Be More Concerned
7. Not Even You
8. Time Won't Tell You Shit

For fans of: Dirty Beaches; Xiu Xiu; Suicide; Former Ghosts; Carla Del Forno; Kedr Livanskiy

Beirut based Kid Fourteen's second album is Blood-thick Silence.

The eight tracks that make up Blood-thick Silence conjure a vision of euphoric despair; moments of pure melancholy swing to nihilistic hope.

Close your eyes and the record feels almost voyeuristic, like you’re watching Khodor stood alone in a club surrounded by people dancing and partying - “I've always imagined my music as a closing scene to a long night out and the emotion that comes with it,” says Khodor.

Written after quitting his full time job and locking himself in his studio for months, Blood-thick Silence is an intensely personal record - “it feels like I declared war instead of reaching out for empathy and support”.

Decipher Kid Fourteen’s vocal and you’ll find tales of pleasure, love, spite, intoxication, loneliness and everything in between.

Blood-thick Silence will also be released digitally on April 13th.

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